Drain Tile Repair (Basement Waterproofing)

Our Proven Method of Basement Waterproofing

Drain Tile Repair System: Inside

Our Drain Tile Waterproofing Method

An under-the-floor Drain Tile system, also referred to as a ‘French Drainage System’, is recommended in some basement leakage cases. Such cases may include moisture seeping and coming up through inner floor cracks, around support posts, pipes, chimneys, etc.

The Drain Tile/French Drain is installed along the wall and holes are drilled in the cavities of the block, if you have blocks.

Here is an example of drilling holes in the blocks to relieve the basement walls of water:

Special edging is installed along the wall to capture any water seepage or condensation that would come from the wet wall. A particular filter rock is used to filtrate the sediments to prevent premature plugging of the drain tile/French drain system. Also, a unique product is installed to prevent undermining of the footings and help preserve structural integrity. Once all materials for waterproofing the basement are in place, fresh concrete is set in place over top of the filter rock. A dry basement and secure home is important to you and us as well. Choose wisely, we have seen some sad waterproofing cases that have caused undermined footings.

Basic Waterproofing Procedures Include:

  1. Walls are cleaned up
  2. Cracks are sealed
  3. Draintile is added with filter rock
  4. Sump pump added (if needed)
  5. Top soil and clean-up complete the project.

We have installed many proven working systems in the Upper Midwest. Basement Waterproofing MN is what we do – serving not only the St. Cloud, MN area, but also North Dakota (Superior WI, Rice Lake WI, New Richmond WI, River Falls WI, Spooner WI), South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

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Drain tile repair Experts

Drain Tile system: Outside

Would you rather go outside to solve the leaking wall?

We do offer this drain tile repair service. It is an effective method used primarily when basement walls are leaking. Excavation is necessary for drain tile waterproofing systems. It will enable you to change the landscape look around your home as well.


No more leaking basements — No more water in your basement Guaranteed.

The Legendary UG-24 Drain Tile System

There is nothing else like it on the market today. The legendary UG 24 relieves hydrostatic water pressure from under the entire basement floor.

Is Water seeping up through floor cracks in the middle of your basement floor? The legendary UG-24 will reduce and relieve high water table pressure.

Do you have a smaller leakage problem?

Water Filled Cinder Block

This wall is filled with water

Jack Hammering the Concrete

Phase 1: Break up the concrete near the wall

Now we need to dig deeper for the Drain Tile

Phase 2: Digging deeper for the Drain Tile

Preparing our channel for the Drain Tile

Phase 3: Prepare for Drain Tile

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Laying Drain Tile

Phase 4: Lay Drain Tile

Laying the Filter Rock

Phase 5: Lay Filter Rock

Pouring the concrete cap over the Drain Tile

Phase 6: Pour concrete over the Filter Rock