Baseboard Waterproofing Method

The Simple Way to Fix Leaky Basements

The Basement Water Controlled System is unique. It is installed inside your basement along the outside walls and is designed to look like a finished baseboard. The basement leak repair system uses a hollow vinyl baseboard which is 5 inches tall and protrudes 2 inches from the wall. Our baseboard system channels the water seepage from the walls of the basement or from holes that are drilled into the cement blocks to a sump pump.

We can apply this system to any type of basement, including old stone walls, poured walls, block walls and wood walls.

The baseboard can be installed even if the basement is finished. Our water seepage basement product is Guaranteed! This will give you a dry and livable basement (without the water seepage) year round.


  1. Most basements do not require the breaking and replacement of concrete floors.
  2. Requires no costly removal of steps, sidewalks, lawn and shrubbery when digging around exterior basement walls.
  3. Can be installed on any wall regardless of construction.
  4. Will not become permanently plugged or filled with sediment which happens to some drain tile systems.
  5. Is designed to look similar to a finished baseboard.

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