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Radon is Colorless and Odorless

Radon Repair in MN
Is Radon something I need to be concerned about?


Radon gas can creep up through basements, through floor cracks, up from holes in the floor, and even around pipes in the floor.

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Radon is one of the causes of lung cancer.

The process of Radon Repair begins by first conducting a test.

This test will provide a reading showing the amount of radon present in the basement.

The test will give us the answer we need to either repair the problem or better yet, find an existing safe level in your basement.

The repair typically takes one day with minimal disruption.
Radon Removal Basement in MN

How Radon Removal it works:

    • Our radon pump operates much like a bathroom exhaust fan. The fan pulls the air up and expels it outside.
    • The radon pump draws the unwanted gas from under the basement or crawlspace floor by pulling it up and pushing it outside.

More specific detail will be shared during a home inspection.

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