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Foundation Piering Methods

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If your basement foundation is in need of repair, call the experts. We’ll help get the job done right, so you don’t have to worry about further damage anymore.
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Foundation Repair MN

Pier is driven to bedrock underneath the center of the wall being lifted

Peiring Anchor In Ground

Pier is ready for head assembly

Peiring Anchor In Ground

Structure is now carefully lifted or stabilized to eliminate further settlement

Peiring Anchor In Ground

Immediate work area is filled in with new concrete

Reinforce basement foundation

Signs of Foundation Failure

Inside of the House

  • Cracks in Drywall
  • Doors and windows that stick
  • Cracks in floors and tile
  • Misaligned doors and windows

Outside of the House

  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Stair step cracks in brick walls
  • Chimneys tilting or pulling away


  • Separating from door
  • Walls rotating out
  • Stair step cracks in brick wall

When you have foundation structure problems, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to provide complete foundation repair in MN.

Causes of Foundation Failure

  • Evaporation: Hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink
  • Transpiration: Tree roots dehydrate soil, causing soil shrinkage and settlement of your home’s footing/slab.
  • Drainage: Improper drainage causes increased hydraulic pressure on basement walls.
  • Poor Building Site Preparation: Improperly compacted fill soil causes settling problems later.
  • Poor Soil Conditions: Expansive clay soil and organic debris cause contraction and expansion of soil.

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Advantages of the Stabil-Loc System

  • Patented – US 8,206,063 B2 load bearing design
  • Installed directly under the load
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Unique interlocking, high strength steel
  • No brackets, no bolts, no breaking the footing
  • No offset loads
  • Engineer certified 10+ safety factor
  • Deepest driven pier on the market
Foundation Repair MN

Stabil-Loc® Foundation Piering System

Piering and Stabilization Basement Wall Repair

What Causes Foundation Failure?

Foundation failure is not an uncommon problem that can be attributed to a number of causes. Expansive soil is one of the problems where the soil expands when wet and shrinks and drops when dry. So in dry periods the foundations have a tendency to crack and settle, causing internal walls to crack and sometimes pull apart. This is often noticeable when doors and windows do not open and shut properly. Furthermore – floors can crack, often settle, and even pull apart. The foundation walls and brick work will show cracking and settling. This is often when foundation repair or foundation wall waterproofing is needed.

In addition to expansive soils, subsurface peat — which has a low bearing capacity and deteriorates over time — can also cause settling. Other soil types such as silt and sands also have lower bearing capacities.

Basement wall repair is needed here!

Our piering system can make a wall like this straight again.

Poor landscaping and gutter systems can contribute to soil saturation causing sinking of the structure.

Plumbing leaks can be another source for soil saturation and structure settlement. If soil and water control problems are not bad enough, there is the issue of transpiration. Transpiration is the process of trees and large plant roots absorbing the water from the soil beneath the footings making the possibility of further settling of the building. Again, where expansive soils exist this removal of moisture will eventually cause soil shrinkage and settlement.

Peiring Anchor In Ground

The piering anchor in place.

It’s even possible to have a plumbing leak that could cause expansion and contraction of the soil relating to possible settlement in parts of the building. Stabilization or raising of the building structure will be necessary to prevent further damage to the settling building. Stabilization is the process where the piers are installed in specified distances apart under the building structure footings to hold the building from sinking any further. In cases where part of the settling building has tipped away or has settled lower, it can be lifted to the correct level to the pier stabilized portion of the building. This will prevent any future possibilities of any further settlement.

Don’t delay, the problem only gets worse and doesn’t correct itself.

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Placement of Anchors

Placing the peiring anchors

Using a compact machine, the anchors are positioned for drilling.

Drilling for the Anchors

Foundation Repair wall anchors

Here, the anchors are guided into place.

Foundation Repair MN
Foundation Repair wall anchors

Next, the anchors are drilled down.

Peiring Anchors being drilled

Securing the Anchors

Drilling down into the dirt

Here, you can see the anchor is nearly ready for securing.

Different stages of peiring anchors

Different views of anchors in various stages.

Completion of the peiring system

These anchors are ready for completion of the system.

For the secure and stable home you may want to consider getting the pier system installed into your foundation. It is unsettling to have a settling home! Have our trustworthy and proven pier system installers give you the assurance of a stable home you desire.

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