Buckling Basement Wall Repair

We fix buckling basement walls!

Wall Anchor Systems

Crooked wall repair in MN


Wall brace for basement foundation repair and straightening 

This plate goes inside the basement to
pull the foundation wall straight

The Hold Right Anchor System is unique. It is a system that holds and straightens your buckling basement walls and garage walls. This is a proven wall anchor system, similar to what has been used on highline poles, telephone poles and road guards for over 70 years. Our Hold Right Anchor System is a proven method for buckling wall repair minneapolis and surrounding areas!

Outside wall brace for basement waterproofing and foundation repair 

Outside wall brace in the ground — the plate
pulls the inside wall anchor to straighten the wall


It is no longer necessary to dig up your yard, jack up your house and replace the buckling or bowing walls. If the basement walls are simply “pushed out”, without anchoring them, they usually just cave in again, even when reinforced.

Hold Right anchor system not only straightens the walls over time, but also holds it from buckling in again. The advantage of the Hold Right anchor system is that it is not necessary to dig up your yard which can damage your lawn, shrubs, flowers, patios, sidewalks, steps, etc. (except in sand and gravel).
Schedule an Estimate TodayThe dollars saved here alone, are tremendous. Besides, the buckling wall anchor system costs much less then the old conventional ways mentioned above.

Serious problems will ultimately lead to more serious problems if not corrected.

For faster correction of the buckling basement wall the soil along the edge is removed and the cracked wall can be repaired and corrected within a day or two. This would allow you to redesign your landscape along the house after a basement wall repair.

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The Gorilla Wall Brace

The Gorilla wall brace is commonly used on block or poured concrete walls.

Gorilla wall braces are another foundation favorite with minimal obstruction and time of installation. This may be the answer for your buckling wall.

By drawing top support from 3 floor joists and firmly anchored into the concrete floor below, the wall brace, is a permanent force for many bowing basement walls.

A special tightening mechanism allows for steady pressure applied to more area behind the brace.

Crack Repair

Basement Crack Repair 

Foundation cracks can cause serious problems!


Wall cracks are quite common in any concrete structure. Many times where you find a crack, you find water.

Depending on the situation, we can either stop water coming through the crack or control water for proper drainage rather than spreading all over the floor. Foundation wall waterproofing and crack repair is one of our specialties. Our crack repair is permanent with a transferable warranty.


We have an impressive line of sealers available for application. On a clean surface the sealers can penetrate into the item and stay put for a long time. The weather outside can be quite extreme. Our sealers perform well under intense weather conditions. Contact us to find out more.

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