Basement Water Controlled FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you work in existing structures or new construction?

A. Yes; 97% of our work involves existing structures with residential homes being the most common.

Q. Does the whole basement need to be excavated?

A. No, the whole basement does not need to be excavated.  We recommend 8 feet beyond the walls laterally.

Q. How much does basement waterproofing cost?

A. It depends on the job.  We offer free estimates for most jobs.  See our services comparison page for a better idea of how much things will cost.

Q. How do you deal with pipes coming up through the floor?

A. Our team of experienced installers will work around any obstacle where the waterproofing system has to be installed. In this short video, Kevin shows an example of what is sometimes encountered in a basement. Pipes, wires, and other structures are typically never a problem for us to work around.

Q. What is the difference between Drain Tile and Baseboard Waterproofing?

A. Drain Tile is the method of waterproofing a basement by way of removing a portion of concrete along the parameter of the basement, installing drainage pipe and a sump pump, then pouring concrete over top.  The end result is structurally and geometrically the same as a normal basement.  Baseboard waterproofing is installed when there is only water coming through the walls and does not require removal of any concrete.  The finished result is visible drainage trim that is three inches wide.

Q. What is the difference between UG-18 Drain Tile and UG-24 Drain Tile?

A. The Legendary UG-18 Drain Tile waterproofing system is installed for less-extensive water leakage issues (typically for repairing water leaks coming through the walls).  It requires approximately 18″ of concrete removal.  Watch Kevin explain the Legendary UG-18 Drain Tile system (video).

The Legendary UG-24 Drain Tile waterproofing system is installed in cases where water is coming up through the floor, through the walls, or both.  The hydrostatic pressure of the water underneath the concrete floor requires the installation of a wider, more robust system to mitigate the water problem.  It requires approximately 24″ of concrete removal.  Also, the warranty is longer on the UG-24 Drain Tile system.

Q. Are your estimates free?

A. Yes, most of the time.  Request an estimate.

Q. How long does a typical waterproofing job take?

A. Typical basement waterproofing jobs take around 2-4 days.  See our services comparison page for a better idea of how long draintile installation, baseboard waterproofing, or sump pump installation takes.

Q. What is your most common repair process?

A. Our most common water damage repair process is under floor drainage systems (drain tile installations).

Q. What is one thing you also offer that folks may not know about?

A. We can remove an old basement floor and pour a completely new, level one.

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