How to Stop Water Entering Basement?

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A common question we get asked a lot is this one.  If we put rain gutters on our house would this take care of the water leaking into our basement?

The answer varies depending on each situation. Adding rain gutters to any adaptable area to direct water away from a foundation is a very good idea.

The rain gutter needs some help to preform properly as well. Keeping the rain gutter free from debris is vital. There are some good options today to accomplish this task.  Another important step in maintaining a rain gutter system is proper downspout extension length. Ideally, a downspout extension should be 8ft long and should transfer water away from the foundation. Without a properly fastened downspout extension chances are that that water someday will eventually end up in the basement.

So, will adding rain gutters fix a leaking basement?   How to stop water entering basement?

Yes, in some cases, is the answer. A properly maintained rain gutter system can go a long way in keeping a basement dry.

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Water Runoff vs. Water Table

Contrasting: Water Run-off to Water Table

Will rain gutters prevent water from coming up through my basement floor?

When a customer states that water is coming up through the floor this would be an indicator to us that there is a high water table.  The water table usually fluctuates depending on the amount of rain or snow in any given area.

Here is a quick 20 second video illustration of a rising water table:

Folks living next to water sources like swamps, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches, or just low lying areas often times know how high the water can rise before it comes up in the basement. I have personally met with a fair amount of homeowners who point to a pond and know right where the water height will be when the water enters the basement.  This indicates to us that a proper Draintile system along with a sump pump installation is what we would recommend for the repair.

Installing rain gutters in an attempt to prevent water from coming up through the basement floor cracks would not be an effective repair option in this situation.

Water run off certainly contributes to the level of the water table. However, by installing a sump pump along with an interior Draintile system, it is a guaranteed fix.


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