Loyal, Faithful, Dependable

The three title words describe Carol very well.   A Member of the BWC team.


Carol, our dependable receptionist.

This August will mark 20 years here for Carol. We are all very grateful for everything she does.  Ask Carol how many times she has answered the phone over those 20 years when you call for an estimate for your basement.

Minnesota Snow Melting

Drain Tile Waterproofing

Do you have water in your basement?

With one of our longest, coldest, snowiest winters hopefully behind us,how much of that melting white stuff will find its way into your basement???
It is incredible how much snow is on the ground in Northern Mn.
We are presently at the Duluth home show, snow all over, 3-4ft. deep!!
Water through the walls, up through floor cracks in the basement.
WOW, The BWC office has received a large amount of inquires about wall cracks. This is very common with the cold, cold winter we have survived this year. Not every crack will leak, but when they do, you will want to be prepared.
We have a unique, permanent way to fix and repair wall cracks.  It is called our Legendary Drain Tile Waterproofing System.

Happy Spring!
from the Basement Water Controlled team