Moldy Basement Repair

Tired of MUST, SMELL, MOLD, MILDEW in your basement?

Must Buster

Try “MUST BUSTER” – it works!

Helps eliminate household moisture & musty order caused by excessive dampness.

How to use: Empty contents into cloth or nylon sock & hang over sink, drain or bucket. When sock is empty, refill.




Qty     Size     Price Each   Shipping & Handling


1          32oz                $5.00               $5.00

2          32oz                $4.50               $5.99

6          32oz                $4.25               $5.99

12        32oz              $4.15               FREE

24        32 oz               $4.00               FREE


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Basement Waterproofing In The Winter

It may be winter, but now is a great time to schedule basement waterproofing work: you will be able to get an appointment faster.  Because most homeowners wait until it rains to schedule service, there is usually a big backlog of customers for us to get to.  With less backlog during the drier months, we will have the ability to cater to your needs much more quickly.

The smart homeowner repairs potential basement waterproofing problems before the leaks result in a costly, damaging flooding of your basement.  Moisture or unseen water leakage in your basement will lead to unhealthy mold issues.  By scheduling early, you will save yourself lots of time, money and stress the next time your area is hit with heavy rain.

Call us today for a drier, healthier basement this spring.