Winter May Be the Time to Waterproof Your Basement

Many people think the worst time of year for basement flooding is during the rainy season. Lots of rain and flooding will definitely stress your basement’s ability to keep water out of your home.  Fixing water leaks and flooding can prevent a moldy and musty basement.

Melting Snow in the SpringMany people do not know that if your basement has not been waterproofed properly, the winter months can be just as bad as the worst rainy season.

When the ground is above freezing temperature, the snow melts instantly turning into water, which has the same effect as rain.

When the ground is below freezing, the sticky snow accumulates, waiting for the temperature to rise so it can melt and possibility seep into your basement.
The last thing you want is to step into a flooded basement while wearing your comfy Christmas wool socks!  Contact Us or Call us at 1-800-348-6247 today to schedule someone to come out and take a look at your problem.

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There are so many basement waterproofing firms which have come and gone that people are very skeptical in trying anything until they are assured it will work.  This is another reason why in over 45 years of waterproofing basements we have discovered that more and more of our business comes from trust in us to be able to help your neighbor, relative or a friend. Your happiness with our work is our main goal.

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