Rain Gutter Downspout Basement Flooding

Gutter clog
Flooded gutters lead to flooded downspoutsPhoto by akeg

Improper / inadequate rain gutter downspouts are a large contributor to foundation failure. Heavy rains and storms can flood gutters by blowing debris onto the roof and into the gutters.  This gutter flooding causes the downspouts to clog up.  Once the downspout cannot flow water through it anymore, it will cause the gutter to overflow and dump water directly below.  Heavy amounts of water saturating the soil causes the soil to expand and damage the foundation walls.  The expansion presses against the wall causing movement which ultimately cracks the foundation. Water intrusion and foundation movement repairs are very costly. Today is a good day to check your downspout drainage.  It is important to ensure you not only have proper rain drainage from your roof, but also have clean gutters.  Cleaning your gutters is fairly easy – here’s how to do it!

How to Clear Your Gutters and Downspouts


how to clean your gutters
You never know what you will find in your gutters!Photo by Timothy Valentine

First, clear your gutters of all debris by gathering the leaves and sticks into a bucket.  There are some devices out on the market that help you clean your gutters using an extension pole, but the best option (and most effective option) is to clear the bits out by hand, using gloves if necessary.




how to clean your downspout
Typical residential downspoutphoto by ArmchairBuilder.com

Next, if your downspouts are clogged, detach them completely.  Most are removed by dislodging a couple screws near the top, and the entire unit slides off.


Once your gutters and downspouts are clear, reassemble the downspouts and rinse them out by running a hose into the gutter.




Be sure to check how water from your roof is draining today!  Give us a call if you have questions about your basement flooding from heavy rain.
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Basement Waterproofing In The Winter

It may be winter, but now is a great time to schedule basement waterproofing work: you will be able to get an appointment faster.  Because most homeowners wait until it rains to schedule service, there is usually a big backlog of customers for us to get to.  With less backlog during the drier months, we will have the ability to cater to your needs much more quickly.

The smart homeowner repairs potential basement waterproofing problems before the leaks result in a costly, damaging flooding of your basement.  Moisture or unseen water leakage in your basement will lead to unhealthy mold issues.  By scheduling early, you will save yourself lots of time, money and stress the next time your area is hit with heavy rain.

Call us today for a drier, healthier basement this spring.