The Legendary UG-18 Drain Tile System

Waterproofing Basements in St. Cloud & the Twin Cities

Drain Tile Basement Waterproofing St. Cloud

Customers in St. Cloud and all over Minnesota have been asking about our Legendary Drain Tile system. Here Kevin explains the purpose of this proven basement waterproofing solution. Waterproofing a basement sometimes requires the installation of drain tile to reliably remove unwanted water from the floor and walls. Get an estimate from one of our experts:

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The difference between the drain tile system and the baseboard waterproofing system is this:

Drain Tile removes water coming in through the walls and up through the floor. Baseboard removes water coming through the walls only. This system is great if you are facing cove joint seepage.

At Basement Water Controlled based in St Cloud MN, we call it the Legendary Drain Tile system. In the case where water coming up from the floor and through the walls, we will need to install drain tile. We have three different effective methods that will correct the water from leaking in.

Three Methods of Basement Waterproofing
  1. UG-18 Drain Tile
  2. UG-24 Drain Tile
  3. Baseboard

With the system shown in the video, the water was coming in along the edges, so the removal area is not as wide as the system used when water comes up through the middle of the floor. Through the many years of being in business waterproofing basements in St Cloud and surrounding areas (and seeing hundreds of leaky basement issues), we have learned how important it is to “get it right”. One of the most effective parts of the Legendary Drain Tile system is how we slope the drain tile to an installed sump pump.  It is also important to ensure the proper amount of filter around the drain tile pipe. By doing that, the water can channel freely into the drain tile system and flow into a sump pump where the water is pumped out of the basement.

Residential (and commercial) basements come in many different shapes and sizes. In a split level, it is typical to see what is referred to as a knee wall basement. Whether your basement is very deep, or if it is shallow into the ground – water can still find a way to leak in to your house. By going in to the floor with a drain tile system, it will relieve the hydrostatic pressure (pressure from water sitting still) and your basement can be used again. There’s no need to worry that your basement will leak from heavy rainfall.

Our Drain Tile Waterproofing Method

The affects of basement flooding are usually pretty evident. Sometimes sheet rock or drywall will become discolored or soggy, and sometimes water will come up directly through the carpet. There may be an obvious combination of both. By installing Basement Water Controlled’s Drain Tile System, you can know that this system will take care of it your leaky walls or floors.

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Many waterproofing solutions today are installed using the quick “easy factor”. Some may think, Maybe we don’t have to take out as much concrete, or maybe we can dig less dirt out. But those type of systems are only designed for water leaks from the edge. They are not designed for water coming up from the floor, or cracks in the basement floor. The Legendary Drain Tile that we put in is not easy to do. Quite frankly – it is messy and a lot of hard work. With that said, it is going to work for many years to come.  Whether you live in St. Cloud, the Twin Cities, or surrounding areas, you can be assured with our experience and proven track record that we can provide the solutions to dry up your wet basement.

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