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Sump Pump Installation

Heavy-duty cast-iron quiet
submersible sump pump

Basement water pumping through discharge pumps is the heartbeat of your basement water control system. A sump basin, sump barrel, or sump pit installation is very important. If the sump basin is not installed with a proper filtration rock, sediments or sand will wash in, which will damage your sump pump, also referred to by some; as a sump.

A proper basement sump barrel installation is the key to the longevity of a sump pump. We are capable of installing a sump pump in winter!

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St. Cloud Sump Pump Installation and Repair Services

A good working sump and sump pump backup, with good check valves in place, are the lifesaving pulse to the sump pump systems. Proper installation of a sump is critical to a good working sump pump system in preventing a wet basement. To fix a wet basement may only require the installation of a quality sump pump. Basement Water Controlled has sump pump contractors with the right expertise.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

Professional Sump Pump Installation

Battery Backup Sump Pump

If the sump pump should fail or you encounter the loss of electricity, an automatic backup sump pump is necessary, to prevent a flooding basement. Also referred to as, battery sump pump, sump pump battery backup, sump pump back up, battery backup sump pump, battery operated sump pump, etc. This is an emergency pump that draws its power from a battery and pumps the water outside of your leaky basement during the loss of electricity or failure of the sump pump discharge. We install a quality battery sump pump that operates automatically and sounds a warning whistle when it runs so you can investigate the problem.

To work properly and prevent a leaky basement, installation is very important.

A good sump and sump pump battery backup go hand and hand in keeping a dry basement. Don’t be caught without a sump pump backup when the lights go out.

High Water Alarm System to Keep You and Your Family Safe

For a very minor wet basement water problem a high water alert system can be installed. They are sometimes called sump pump alarms. It does not pump water, but warns you that the leaky basement water level is rising in the sump basin. The advantage of using our style of basement flooding alarm is assurance that it will work in a potential leaky basement flooding emergency.

Sump Pump High Water Alarm

Don’t get caught without a high
water alarm and battery backup
sump pump for your basement!

The last thing anybody wants is their dry basement flooded, so a basement sump pump alarm “That Works” is mandatory.

Our style of sump pump alarm is powered by electricity and a 9-volt battery backup. The basement flooding alarm chirps if the battery goes dead. This gives assurance that the basement flooding control system will work when you have lost power, warning of a possible flooded basement.

Minnesota Sump Pumps Basins

Heavy Duty Submersible Sump Pump and Basin

Sump Pump & Basin

A good basement pumping or warning system is essential to fix a wet basement. For safety and security the sump pump basin sealed lid will support over 250 pounds. After 40 years of sump pump contractor experience, we have topped out with the best basement water pumps, and water pumping equipment in the industry. The heartbeat of fixing your wet basement and making it a livable basement is the sump pumping system.

Our Customers Say…

Baseboard waterproofing and sump pump with an outside pop up was completed on my house. The crew was very professional and informative of what they were doing. They were very hard working and did a very neat job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs basement repairs done!

Cheryl Durbin, Sump Pump Installation

Estimator and crew members were polite and informative.

Steve & Sharon Rochel

Professional work done and done as scheduled – a WOW job!

Marion Garter

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We are a a family owned and operated business and have been providing basement solutions to homeowners for over 40 years. We are committed to fixing wet basements with great customer service.

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