Egress Window Installation

Yes!! We install Egress Windows!

We install a quality window and the ScapeWEL window well system with easy access ‘steps’ for emergency use!

Now, not only can you have a dry basement but you can have light from the great outdoors filling your basement!:)

You may wish to add a cover to your Window Well to help keep the well from filling up with rain and the curious critters out. We offer those as well. Click here for more info. Or please give us a call! We’re always happy to help!

Underground Center Trench

Having water coming up in the center of your basement floor? We can help! Basement Water Controlled located in central MN. Servicing the 5 state area! Contact us today!

The Crew was out in Albany, MN last week working in a basement that had water coming up through areas in the middle of the floor and along the sides of the wall.

We use our Underground Center Trench System similar to the UG-18 Drain Tile System.  A center trench is dug and drain tile installed. Through the drain tile the water in channeled to your sump pump which pumps it out of your basement! Don’t have a sump pump? No problem! We install those too;)

After the system is in place a layer of cement covers it all. And your basement is finished! And Dry!! Get your basement back today! Call us and set up a Free Estimate Today!